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Egypt Hopes Somalia's Positive Steps Lead to End of Anarchy

Egypt on Monday expressed hope the positive steps taken recently by the Somali people will help the country usher in a new age that will realize national reconciliation and end of anarchy.

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry said that Egypt will always support the Somali people and their efforts to establish a central government and restore unity of the country.

Egypt has been closely watching the developments of the Somali national reconciliation conference held in Djibouti, the statement said, urging the Somalis to discard differences and close ranks for reuniting the country. Somalia has been in division since 1991 when the former president, Mohammed Siad Barre, was toppled.

Some 460 Somali representatives kicked off in May the country's national reconciliation conference in Djibouti based on a Djiboutian proposal.

The conference established a 245-member transition parliament on August 13, which elected Abdiqasim Salad Hassan the Somali president.

Both the parliament and the president are the first in Somalia in a decade.


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