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EU Ambassadors Pledge Firm Support to the Transitional National Government of Somalia


The Prime Minister of the Somali Republic, Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh, started his mission to the United Nations this morning; at 11.30 a.m. - New York time.

The Prime Minister accompanied by H.E. Buri Mohamed Hamza, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Representative of the Somali Republic to the United Nations, Ambassador Ahmed Abdi Hashi, held a lengthy meeting with all the Permanent Representatives of the European Union to the United Nations.

H.E. Mr. Jean de Ruyt, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belgium to the United Nations, warmly welcomed the Prime Minister and his delegation on behalf of all of his colleagues, and reiterated the firm commitment and support of the European Union to the Transitional National Government of Somalia.

His remarks were followed by words of encouragement and support from the Ambassador of France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland and the Representative of the EU to the UN. The EU Ambassadors congratulated the Prime Minister for the progress thus far achieved by the Transitional National Government, particularly is the areas of security and reconciliation. The Prime Minister, in his remarks to the Ambassadors praised the role that the EU has so far played in assisting the Somali Government and people in bringing about security and peace in the country.

The Prime Minister talked in detail about what his Government has achieved since the conclusion of the Arta Peace Conference. The establishment of the National Reconciliation Commission, the re-integration of over 25.000 militias, the deployment of the police force to sustain security in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas, and the move taken by the Government with regard the regional autonomy, were among points raised by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister informed the Ambassadors about how the Somali Government and people were affected by the tragic events of September 11. He said that the Government contacted the President of the United States to express the indignation and condemnation of the Government and the people of Somalia for the terrible act of terrorism.

The Prime Minister reiterated his Government's willingness to cooperate with the United States and the International Community to fight against terrorism. The Prime Minister indicated also the Government formed a National Task Force to fight against terrorism.

He did, however, say that for this Task Force to execute its responsibilities with a great deal of efficiency the EU and the International Community must provide the Government with the assistance needed. The Prime Minister and his delegation are scheduled to conduct meetings with the President of the Security Council and the Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator this afternoon.

Office of the Prime Ministe

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