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Seems like the world is at war in more ways than one these days. Military wars against other countries to change what they perceived to be “brutal dictators.” Medical war against viral invaders called SARS, West Nile Virus and environmental war against pestilence.


I only wish the coalition in Iraq could smoke out the ruthless Somali warlords once and for all. It would be a big sigh of relief for the long-suffering Somali people, as Mr. Afrah suggested many times in his weekly Talking Points on this website.  


Speaking of Mr. Afrah’s Talking Points and commentaries, I received hundreds of very supportive emails from you, dear family members of this website. Voters from Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, including Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia cast their votes on M. M. Afrah’s weekly Talking Points. The results of your votes are as follow:


Good  ………………………    62%


Excellent………………………   16%


Not Good……………………     13%


No Comment………………     10%


Our Inboxes are normally jammed with junk mail or Spam and every day we are entreated with up to 50 offers for enlarging or reducing all manner of body parts, including penis-enlargement, explicit sex and easy money. We have tried filtering and blocking them. We’ve unsubscribed, but the junk mail continues unabated, even more ferocious than before.

We gave up the battle!


But the good news is that your emails took over and the number is quite staggering for which we thank you very much.




TO M. M. Afrah: “Mr. Afrah, you probably already received many emails regarding your persistent crusade against the mayhem and cruelties in Somalia, but I had to add my own remarks. As a member of a group of your fans in Seattle, I suggested that you should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the majority of your fans agreed with me. So please let us have your reply as soon as possible.”

H. Dualeh,

Seattle, Washington (USA).


To The Webmaster

“I always cherish his clear and concise analysis of the clan/political situation in Somalia. Thank you Sir!

I think they are good articles.

From my own prospective as a fellow journalist, we may not always see things from the same angle. But I respected him, not because he was a colleague, but due to his courage when everyone was under the watchful eye of the dreaded NSS.”



To The Webmaster

“For many of us who are not old enough to have recollections, when we are remembering the 60th Anniversary of the formation of the S.Y.L. (May 15 1943), Mr. Afrah is a valuable to our glory and past. His present-day commentaries are also first class.

Afrah comes across as an unbiased journalist who is selective in what he reports.

A very special man with an extraordinary ability to express his views in a manner suitable to all. Personally, I find his articles to be attractive, useful, simple and easy to digest.”

Salah Mohamed,

Dubai, UAE.


I find very interesting all the topics that Mr. Afrah writes about Somalia as they reflect the reality.

I think the old man is in a position to express the feelings of so many Somalis who missed and longed the peaceful old days of yesteryears, who are unable to cope what really went wrong and who cannot express themselves well enough. Keep up the good work, Sir!

In a land where objectivity is hard to come by, Mr. Afrah’s articles are solace to many in the Diaspora.”

Abdullahi Mohamed,

Edmonton (Canada)


To The Webmaster

“We are really glad to have Mr. Afrah in our Somali community for keeping us posted well about what’s happening to our war-torn motherland of Somalia.

Mr. Afrah is the best Editor of all times. I am really proud to have someone like him in my community. I like his articles about the (S.Y.L).

I think his comments and analysis on Somalia are excellent and his commentaries are unbiased and straight to the point. Keep up the good work.

Good to see someone dealing with social and educational problems of our society and not entirely political issues. Consider more issues that concern us in the Diaspora.

I look forward to reading his articles.

First class commentaries and no one else can compare with him.

He is the best.”


To the Webmaster.


Free of bias,

He is great guy,

He is good at what he does.

That’s for sure.

Well done!

Great old man should have been the leader of the Somali people.

To lead them from the jaws of death and destruction.

He is the greatest Somali writer who decided to come out of the closet.

But where are the others?

Nuruddiin Faarah, for example?


Excellent job in reporting all somali issues, but need to improve on his knowledge about the puntland, somaliland, djibouti, ogaden and northeastern kenya somalis.

 Since most of his readers are not from the mogadishu area, rather from non-Hamarawis


Afrah is a legend and he deserves the recognition and admiration of the Somali people.

But I know we value things differently and it is what is holding us back.


To M. M. Afrah:

“Thank you for putting us in the picture about the cold blood murder committed by the warlords during the last 12 years against innocent civilians, Hutu-style.

You will undoubtedly remain in the golden pages of our bloody history.

Just keep going, going and going because you will be remembered as the only man who really fought for peace in our war-torn country for a very long time, a man who continually expose the antics of the warlords and petty politicians.

Thank you, Mr. Afrah”



Ohio (USA)


To M. M. Afrah:

Duqa your articles are of superb quality, Please if you have an interest in writing about the plight of Somali nation as a whole we would appreciate! but if you continue to write the Mogadishu debacle you will lose many readers, ..hamar's websites daynile


Brother Afrah, you are the man of this sad era of somalia`s history. Keep the good work and continue exposing the misdeeds of all those who participated in the destructions of our beloved country somalia. Truth shall make you free!


He is the man! I wish we had men like him! Good job ....Refugee in Colorado.

His articles make me not lose hope and stay alive really.... I felt a betrayal by my countrymen when everyone sided with the war mongers of his useless "clan"


Good job! Need some optimism. ...need to look the bright side too ....



I would like to see if you could write about how Somalia cane to where it is now? I am not that young, although I was I teenager when the war broke out. I needed some enlightenment. I remember people chasing in us in the streets of Muqdisho?


The comments already posted are testimony to Mr. Afrah's character as an able author and journalist .

 Salutations to you, Sir and to the webmaster who provided us this golden opportunity to read, un-censored, the articles of a great and good man .


Second Part
Afrah is a true Somali of rare personality. His hard hitting articles are well balanced, and serve as eye oponer to many Somalis, wherever they are.


you know webmaster is fixing the results, the web master and Afrax are from same tribe, no wonder we never saw other votes for other writers


the vote is jus desperate act to make people admire Afrah, the writer never seeks a vote but here we see begging for YES VOTE :)


I'm not impressed by Pacifying thoughts. But, I'll admit he's a good writer. Tha's all.


It is very excellent and well designed website
he is really somali and I am very proud of him , He is not member of my clan but I support his work
not good




The guy has no positive thinking in his comments.


Mr. Afrah has once again shown his fierceless and mighty pen in exposing the brutal warlords who pillage and plunder our homeland. Hats off to you Mr.Afrah and your continued dedication of normalcy and peace in Somalia. Bnur in Phoenix, AZ


there is no doubt that he is an out spoken man when it comes to politics and somali affairs in particular, but sometimes you can sense that he is one- sided, meaning he is supporting the southern cause rathar than the whole somali cause. i am a somaliland


he is partial to hawiye clans and you can definately tell he is from that clan


Waxaan soomaalida meel kasto ay aduunka ka joogto waxaan rajeynayaa inay noqoto sida M.M Afrah waa nin muwaadin ah oo hadalada uu qoro dadka si aad ah u dhiiri geliya


Waw, Excellent
war mala doonayo ee somalay waxqabsada


M.M. Afrah's articles makes you to read more and more his article is the very truth of what's going I hope he continues his work and express his oppinion openly. M.M. Afrah I personnaly give you 5 stars * * * * * for job well done. Thanks Fardus (USA)


Good job Mr. Afrah
not good
He is the great writer at all times without fear and bias,wish all the somalis should be like him.


he is great and brave man.


Thank You.



The Webmaster,