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By Liban Gobdon


First and foremost my sea of praise and congratulations to our writer and father, M.M.Farah, the only journalist that I have seen honestly and impartially stands and fights along the Somali Youth, without exaggeration he expresses his desire to see the emergence of our youth from the heart and may he witness the day when our glorious boys and girls will be involved in mass uprisings in every province of puntland and the south to get and put aside the seven wild barking dogs that operates in those regions, that day may sound as science fiction but it will happen without a doubt, just wait and see, in one way or the other.

Besides that I have to be honest to you and to my self, the article titled "TO THE WEBMASTERS", I never thought the staff of will appreciate it let alone put it on the front page, this showed me their deep understanding and desire to see the alternative solution that is the solution our youth can offer, not the current cliques of thieves, not those who hide behind the banners of NGO's or other humanitarian organization in seeking ways to exploit power, not the educated who are confined to the page and the ink, not the illitrate, not the rich, not the neighbours of our country, not the poisonous and greedy self appointed clan leaders, not the poor, but the true spirit of any nation, the true soul that brings winds of change and shaking of the shaky grounds of those who pulled as back to the almost stone age, they are our boys and girls, the same boys and girls that liberated former yugoslavia, east-timor (even though some may say to me you are anti-muslims), philipeans, Romania, Poland and many other nations that were under the rule of untouchable dictators, atleast in all these nations I have named the youth have contributed a lot in the moments of sorrow, sadness and helplessness, they did stood up for the dignity of their own people and have are in the history books as brave.

For those of us who have declared their own lives to be "permanent exile" and give themselves the excuse to wait and see and the ones that will be punished severly by the history books, I am planning to go back once we plant our seeds in the Somali soil and all you can do is keep collecting money for the qabiilo_meniacs as if your gods (the warlords) will ressurect your past and place you in heavenly world, all the money you send is used to maim, kill, rape, destroy and keep in place men who have prescribed for your childrens children radio-active materials as if cancer is immune to the somalis, wait till the south becomes a desert, why will I even say a desert after all deserts were naturing oil in arabia but into something that literature can not even define today as we speak.

In my own personal experience and this is a message for the youth like me out there trying to do something, never involve the youth movement men who are disgusing their true nature, I have delibarately exposed to myself this game to get an idea of how bad the game is been played and the conclusion I have drawn is every knot you close someone somewhere is prepared to undo it, so for the youth to be successful they have to be secretive so that the international world and somalia can integrate and coexist.

I know writing message in these forums will not change much, but enforcing the idea of re-structing the way the news is delivered to our youth will have an impact and in that case I am more than happy to recruit for banadir youth who are desparate to have a direct link of communication with the inside people so that the people inside somalia get a bigger picture of understanding the need to re-educate our masses from the masked reality and that masked reality will shamefully declare that all along the real enemy was not what friction was caused among our selves but men who wore fake Somali skins and were prepared to poison their own clans and all the evidence will be documented in a brutalising manner that will make them regret ever been animals because even the animals have a limit for their animalistic behaviour but they will be documented in video clips, massive propoganda will be aired and shown to the somalis much laughter is waiting me...

In the mean time I ask its the interest of to join's moral support, they have continously ignored our calls and letters, they have continously brushed aside our potential they have continously misguided our true nature by allowing us to absorb men who have filled their stomachs with the lastes cool stuff and are just day dreaming from the reality, how can a father ignore the poetntial of his children, all along haven't most of us came to the west to educate them and school them, so why are they ignoring the Somali Youth arent they a subset of the population that deserve to represent us in the olypmics and the international events that all nations gather to witness the true spirits of their sons and daughters, how can we allow the continuation of backwardness, this is due to one reason we expect miracle to come, there is no miracle, the only miracle is to aid and support the true sons of Somalia.

Till then could the despicable be dispiced.

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