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The fall of Abdulqasim!!! The only honorable way he can help Somalia is the abdication of the Presidential title


Arguably Somalis are in this debacle because of luck of sight beyond today. A sincere look and respect of public opinions is always missing in all camps, but Arta Group led by Abdulqasim has carried to a new high of absurdity.

Political opportunism is the card of the game! Arta politicians and their supporters never question the integrity of the myths and perceptions they are basing their lament! The old policies of the successive regimes of Somalia created a lament that keeps crushing every step. Instead of avoiding the system and policies that created the lament in the first place, if we read his actions, Abdulqasim is chasing the shadow of his old master and mentor in a dwindling, curved fast track.

While endorsing the ingredients of a fallacy, Arta group points fingers to the other side, whether it is a self-deception or gross self-absorption! To their narrow mind, their inept failures must be the working of foreign hands or at best big name personalities! It would never be the regular Somali who is being alienated, by all sides! Anybody who is against their gross disregard to the reality is working and paid by the enemies of Somalia! In every argument they raise, either they are threatening or labeling other legitimately concerned citizens of Somalia! They closed themselves in a dark cave, and lost sight in the process! In one of the most famous metaphors Plato wrote about a man chained in a cave; unable to see outside all he could know of the world beyond his prison was what he was able to deduct from the shadows that were projected on the wall by whatever passed; comparably Abdulqasim is a prisoner of his own; prejudices, history, perceptions and know only what his nomadic impulses of extreme volatiles expose to him! He sees only what he wants to see! Relates to the only form of regime he knows! Abdulqasim can't differentiate the differences between big name personalities/Warlords that challenge his legitimacy and the Somali public at large that frown from his claim of representing them! Off course the public is not welcoming back the shortsighted warlords who like him had a major hand in destroying Somalia, but that itself does not warrant Arta Faction to self impose! It does not warrant also UN assumption of; "any Government is better then none" It amazes any credible human being to watch the ignorance of Arta loyalists.

Some of their confusion and ignorance arises from their inability to differentiate the difference between belonging to a clan and representing a clan! History seems has served nothing, to teach and challenge the drummers and grasshoppers for they continue the same bath that led to the end of a one-way tunnel.

The mentality of Arta Politicians is; "what Abdulqasim wants is what all Somalis need!" Their sham alternative is the only alternative! Have not we had through that mayhem? Somalia is the only place in the world where power hungry minority groups can hijack and silence the majority driven issues. It is unfortunate that every while and then, few hundred gangs who share a common interest, though drawn from different clans self impose on the Somali Public. In Somalia, these groups have invented a never heralded vicious cycle of political impasse.

Aside from choosing the wrong procedure and process, Abdulqasim had many choices, but he selected the only one he is expert at and that is plundering once again Somalia's meager resources and slandering the public by self-imposing with the help of the usual gangs and distributing the public fund he received from well intentioned friends of Somalia as perks to his loyalists! Somalia's next generation should come up a different consciousness compared to this mayhem! Next generation must be very pragmatic and realistic with what one can take and offer. Most of all next generation should listen, and listen and listen to the yearnings of all the public. Arta's enemy is not me, you-the reader or Egal, Shatigudud and Abdullahi Yusuf.

That is the hoax Arta folks would like every body to believe! Their enemy is the unfulfilled yearnings and dreams of the Somali public at large: Somalis want a fair system of governance. A fair system of governance can only come from a fair procedure. Arta was far from being a fair procedure. The outcome was the result of unfair procedure and questionable participants! Fact is, Abdulqasim's claim to the presidency of Somalia is sham and joke to the eyes of all Somalis whether they are supporters or opponents. The only honorable way Abdulqasim can help Somalia is the abdication of the Presidential title.

As is always, Abdulqasim would only realize this, too late. His blind supporters would ferment their lost dreams on ifs, if this and that had happened, if so and so! Reading the writings on the Wall, if…if…is already started! But it is never late to right a wrong! Can he do it?!

Abdi Mohamed

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