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By Liban Goobdoon


It came to my attention that we are missing a fundamental point that we may be doing it delibarately or due to other reasons that tend to be invisible and that is how we have continously denied our youth the chance to re-emerge as saviours of a country torn apart by ignorance, illitracy and many social pests.

We are denying our boys and girls the chance to bring forward their wisdom, I mean if materialism is the keyword of this century, how is it fair to seek profit on the expense of the weak and poor and this in turn reminds me the negligence of the webmasters of Hiiraan,Somalinet,Banadir and many others.

It was their moral obligation to realize that their primary goals should be building the self esteem of our youth and then housing them in their sites as away to express their views and make sense out of the chaos which surely they have the capacity to do so.

More importantly they should realize that what is required today is not more correcting but more connecting so there is no need of displaying in their front pages news or articles about people saying "I think this and this", because we have seen more to make us think and so what they should instead look upon to is those who are working hard to raise the voice of our young.

If one observes the current structure of many of these websites, they are dominated by irrelevant issues that not only most of them encourage more division, hatred and fragmentation but seemed to have missed the core and the most essential point of all and that is building the social fabric of the somali society from its natural saviours and they are our youth. the somali youth don't have blood or any record of black history ever since they were known and ignoring their presence not only adds more stigma to the current problem but it makes us fool to be pretending or brushing aside the key to our problems.

Perhaps if one listens the reasoning of these webmasters, they could be saying "we supply you free information", but what is the big deal of any such information if it does not take into account assett of our nation, the only living legends.

Time has come when we must put our attention on those running many of today's so called "somali sites" and if they claim to be neutral in the current stagnancy, then they should immediately delete all the unnecessary information that we bare witness is not adding any value to the equation of win lose, they should allow us or even shall I say give us more powers to transform these websites as a tool to aid the poor and the forgotten somalis and in return we promise them they shall witness an ever increasing popularity than they have ever known.

Many people visit these websites, but they are fed with misleading and wrong information, mainly about bad news so as to further demoralize the moral of the people, never have they thought is there a piece of good news that lifts the self esteem of the people, I doubt they ever did that, they like to quote and bring the views of men who are stucked in the life in exile, men who paralyzed their apetite to return home, but when it comes to the bright and most intelligent people of our society (the somali youth), they corner then as if they never existed and this happens not by chance but by choice.

There has to be new format and re-structuring as far as this propoganda we are witnessing in front of our own naked eyes, if these webmasters don't want to be put in the same basket as the warlords and the anti-civilization people, then they better think again and listen what we are telling them, you need to base and house in your websites the somali youth so that they can inject their open mindness into the polarized people of Somalia because we ultimately will take over the nation from those who abused it in the name of Hypocrisy, we want to see Somalia taken to the world and the world brought to Somalia.

Many might say, what have we done /can do, those are the ones we want to surprise or else they will try to undo everything we do, but let them remind themselves that 99.999999999999999999% of the population of the country favour alternative and the emergence of the youth is without a doubt the only healthy and viable option that remains on the cards of the table, forget about peace conference, forget about warlords become more humans from the animalism they currently possess, forget about clans settling their differences all of a sudden but all these will be open and shut with one key and that is our key.

Till then their days are numbered.



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