Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD)
Is pleased to announce a FORUM on

Somalia: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

To end this prolonged anarchy, successive reconciliation conferences were held and many efforts were
The Center for Research & Dialogue (CRD)
an affiliate of WSP International (in partnership with the United Nations)
has traveled to various parts inside Somalia as a part of a research study on issues pertaining to the rebuilding
of Somalia on: social, economic and political reconstruction.

The Center compiled a comprehensive research data to be released as a country profile on the spring 2003.

The researchers of the Center met with over 10,000 people in many areas visited including faction and political leaders, international actors, local NGOs
and civil society members, business groups and traditional elders in their respective regions.

CRD presents preliminary research findings to the Somalis in Diaspora whose contribution is vital for the rebuilding of Somali. 

We are hoping that this initiative will help Somalis to better understand the dynamics of the emerging “new” Somalia.

This is intended to facilitate dialogue in an attempt to solicit their support and input into the peace-building efforts inside and outside Somalia.

The program will consist of three parts:
–a) brief power point presentation of the main research themes + findings- Social, economic and political. (Issues, Challenges and Opportunities,

b) three short documentary films focusing on reconciliation – lessons learned and the impact of war on society.

c) Open discussion and debate on the research findings (presented) and how Somalis in the Diaspora can contribute to the current political development on the ground.

In order to engage Somalis in the Diaspora - On April the 16th and 17th 2003, the Center for Research and Dialogue hosted a Dubai forum. Center presented a preliminary research finding to the Somali business groups in the United Arab Emirates, the hub of all Somali businesses during the last two decades.

The center presents documentary films entitled:

1)     Wada-Tashan Meyno; Kalana Tegi Meyno (That we will not apart each other; nor have Dialogue)
2)     Iga-Guur laygu Guuli Maayo (That I cannot be threatened to Leave)
3)     Hubka Dhiib – Horta Adiga dhiib (Surrender your Weapons – First you surrender yours)

This Forum is planned to take place in Toronto, Canada on June 21, 03. For those of you who are interested to participate or contribute, please be our guest or contact: or

Forum organizing committee office at: 416-358-5371 or 613-222-7558 for more information.

Date:              Saturday 21 , 03
Time:              4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m
Location:        Toronto - 901 Lawrence Ave. West Suite 304 ( West of Duffrin , South of Lawrence)