Two Ottawa Somali Students Make History

Abdirahman Mohamed Mao and Abdihamid Mohamed Mao became the first Somali students to graduate from Hillcrest High School in only three years for a program which aimed to be finished in four years. Abdirahman Mohamed Mao and Abdihamid Mohamed Mao arrived in Canada (Ottawa) as a landed emigrant in June 1993.

In September of 1993 they have attended Vincent Massey Public School as grade one students. With hard work and dedication, both brothers successfully completed Elementary school at the top of their classes.

In September of 2001, they have started their secondary schooling at Hillcrest High School. With their great determination and commitment, they have successfully completed high school in only three years unlike the normal four years.

They both maintained high honours in all of their classes in the three years of study and remarkably received their high school diploma in June of 2004.

Abdihamid and Abdirahman now got accepted into the University of Ottawa in the Faculty of Science and they hope to one day get into Medical School Insha Allah (by Allah’s Will).

Both brothers believe that they could not have done it without their parents’ constant support and guidance. They love their parents dearly and want to thank them for pushing them to be the best they can be and providing a wonderful family.