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Plans under way for Ethiopian-backed administration in Baydhabo


Reports reaching us from various sources say a regional administration government is expected to be announced in Baydhabo in the next few days.

The new administration will be formed by an alliance of four faction leaders from Bay and Bakool regions, Gedo Region [western Somalia], Jubbada Dhexe and Jubbada Hoose.

The Ethiopian government is fully backing the new administration which is to be announced in Baydhabo soon, reports added.

Although we did not manage to confirm the name of the expected regional administration to be announced in Baydhabo, sources say Col Hasan Muhammad Nur (Shatigadud) [chairman of the Rahanwein Resistance Army] will be the president of the new administration, while Gen Adan Abdullahi Nur (Gabyow) [chairman of Somali Patriotic Movement] and an unnamed person from Gedo Region will be the vice-presidents.

Gen Muhammad Sa'id Hirsi (Morgan), the military commander of Somali Patriotic Movement, will be the defence minister for the new alliance. The announcement of the autonomous administration is expected to be made when the various leaders arrive in Baydhabo town in the next few days.

The alliance recently reached the formation of the new administration and power sharing formats at the Ethiopian town of Gode [southeastern Ethiopia]. Recently, the interim Somali government protested against the Ethiopian government's interference and its plans to establish what it referred to as 'South Western Somalia Region' administration.


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