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MPs urge interim government to disband clan-based militia


Three members of the Somali national assembly have strongly condemned the allied factions that control Kismaayo town during a news conference in Mogadishu yesterday.

The MPs who were: Abdiweli Mahmud Daud, Ibrahim Sahal Sigale and Zahra Ma'alin Bashir said the allied factions were mistreating residents and urged the interim government to implement the Arta charter particularly the article that calls for the dismantling of clan-based militia.

They also urged the government to dismantle militia groups which have imposed themselves on the people in the Jubbada Hoose and Jubbada Dhexe regions.

They said the militia groups have even denied people to work. Mr Ibrahim Jama' Howle who is based in Mogadishu and is the spokesman of the allied factions that control Kismaayo refused to comment on the claims made by the MPs.


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