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Polio Vaccination Ends in Somalia Capital


UNICEF and WHO concluded their three-day vaccination campaign against the Polio on Tuesday in the Somali capital, which has no government for about decade.

More than quarter of a million children in the capital have received vaccination from 260 teams as part of the polio eradication effort worldwide.

Officials from the United Children's Fund and the World Health Organization, the effort has been successful and has achieved its goal beyond their expectations.

A large delegation from UNICEF and WHO led by Dr Gianfranco Rottigliano of UNICEF and Dr Najibullahi Al-Mujadad of WHO have also toured the districts of Mogadishu during the three days of the vaccination campaign to witness how the job has been done at the vaccination sites.

The delegation accompanied by Somali doctors have freely moved around and enjoyed immensely the peaceful way in which the vaccination was conducted.

Despite the effort to the extent of taking loud speakers from street to the other in Mogadishu calling the people to let their offspring vaccinated.



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