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ETHIOPIAN Troops remain "vigilant" in Somalia border area


Ethiopian troops in the Ogaden are policing the Somali border and controlling "terrorist activities" and attacks, Teshome told IRIN.

He said the situation in the Ogaden - where Ethiopian troops have been involved in operations against Islamic fundamentalist groups since 1992 - "became serious when Eritrea opened another front" after 1998.

Eritrea had linked up with Mogadishu-based faction leader Hussein Aideed and "anti-peace elements", he added.

Ethiopia had "no intention of violating territory" but because Somalia was a failed state Addis Ababa was "forced to protect the security of the people".

He said Ethiopia still faced a problem with armed fundamentalist groups in the Ogaden-Somalia area, and that the military had to "stay vigilant" in that area.


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