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Somalis Welcome Forthcoming Government

The Somali People from various walks of life including the intellectuals who fought the late regime are now trying to pave the way for the forthcoming government to be established in Djibouti by preparing the grounds, data and all other necessary means to support it.

Among the more practical groups working hard towards that end is the newly founded Mogadishu Associates for Research and Statistics (MARS). This group consisting of senior economists from the former finance and planning ministries has conducted a thorough research on how the Somalis had survived during the 10-year long civil strive.

In one of its reports, MARS has concentrated on how the economy had survived, the flow and revaluation or devaluation of the Somali shillings against the hard currencies in and out of Mogadishu despite the absence of a government and all of the public financial institutions.

Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, which is where the heaviest armed confrontations took place with over 1.5 million inhabitants, had remained the heart of economy of Somalia.

Mohamed Hirabeh, one of the leading figures of the project, told Xinhua that they have been motivated by the fact that things on the economical point of view seemed to have been going on smoothly with the trading, imports and exports continuing and the small business activities flourishing amid absence of a governing body for 10 years.

Hirabeh said the small industries such as the weaving of clothes, handcrafts, grain and oil milling and others are mushrooming, encouraging the market-oriented economy needed by the upcoming government to adopt.

It is designing the economical data base line for the government and other interested agencies for their addressing of the most critical up-to-date socio-economic problems, Hirabeh said.

The MARS researchers who have been at home during the entire years of the civil war are suggesting in the end of their report that the forthcoming government should be aware of the pace the decentralized and market-oriented economy had been pushing up at the absence of a government and therefore nobody should try to stand in their way for the interest of the development of the country.

It is not only this group of intellectuals who are undergoing positive and tangible efforts, but other social groups such as the women, youth, artists and business groups are showing their preparedness to welcome the envisaged government to come from Djibouti in couple of weeks time.

The artists have composed songs, poems and plays all encouraging the Djibouti conference, while the business community keep establishing factories and increasing their activities from where the forthcoming government can get large taxes, but the women and youth groups continue holding demonstrations in raising the public awareness in Mogadishu.

It is another popular uprising now struggling for the restoration of the law and order, said Ruqia Abdullahi, a business lady in Bakara market.


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