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What has brought them (the warlords) together now?


I think you (reffering webmasters) should try to bring the somali people together rather than dividing them. Somalia has been without a central government for last decade and we never saw the faction leaders meet and discuss the interest of the somali people. What has brought them together now? I think If you look at the reality you will know that they have been forgotten and left without seats.

They are only reclaiming the seats they were fighting for since Siad Bare left somalia. They are not part of the TNG and I hope they will never be part of a body that will lead Somalia and the Somali people. These are people with no respect for Human Life and they will do everything to keep power and accumulate wealth while the innocent and the peace loving people are left stranded guessing at what is going wrong.

Puntland, Somaliland are based on tribal bases and we should not talk of them as governments because their governance is corrupt. When they established the names they were power hungry and that is exactly what they are now. Why didn't these Faction leaders show up at Arta and raise their concerns when the Somali people were looking to re-establish the lost name of Somalia? They thought they were that important but they should know Somali can do without them and there are people with sound mind that can solve our problems.

The Somali people whether in Puntland, Somaliland or in Banadir are clever people. So they should get rid of these blood suckers(sorry about this word). They should decide their destiny.

The world is uniting in many ways and it is also expanding in idiologies so let us rise beyond the shackles of triabalism and see that those that use these tactic are not the ones suffering. These so called leaders have their families outside Somalia and if in Somalia are protected by armed men. Why are they special? Why isn't every Somali Special? Why are we still covered with the blanket of tribalism and nepotism.

If you look for the reality of tribalism you will see around you. If there's an extended family and there is conflict what will happen? Cousins will kill each other and even brothers of different mothers have hatred in their hearts and can kill one another.

When there are only two sisters or brothers at home, who will fight? they do and can even kill one another. We are not starting this track. Do you remember the sons of Adam and Eve? So let us not be fooled and drowned in these never ending game.

We Somalis should Know what is good for us and let us all use sound and healthy mind when judging people. Let's show love and brotherhood to one another.

let's also know our image on this globe is very bad one. We should be ashamed of ourselves and what our people(bad ones) are doing. God has given us big country and healthy environment so let's think and use this slogan" We, Somalis are one, we denounce tribalism, we purify our hearts of hatred, the blood of every Somali is Sacred". Let's not look at those who call themselves Somali leaders.

We should look at the long term, may be 20 years to come. We should have a vision of somalia being a country where law and order is respected, where the poor and the rich are treated a like, where everybody's critism is taken into account. We will not reach this unless we tell our friends and families and at Somali gatherings what our Future Somalia should look like.

The Somali people are one so let's throw away this propaganda of Puntland, Somaliland and Banadir.

God be with you.

Habib abass Abdulkarim

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