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According to reliable sources from Mogadishu, Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh, the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Somalia will pay a private visit to the United Arab Emirates, arriving at Sharjah Airport tommorrow the 26th of February 2001 .

This is going to be his fifth visit since last December,and apart from his previous business connections here, the Emirates is clearly becoming a steping stone for Mr. Galaydh as well as the members of his Cabinet to the outside world .

This seems to be normal if we take into account the six or more direct flights that the private-owned airlines maintain beween the Emirates and Somalia .

The Emirates and in particular Dubai,besides being a free ideal market,it is the home of a very large and powerful Somali business community ,which the Inerim Government of Mr. Galaydh is increasingly becoming aware of lately .


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